Herb Hill


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The Herb Hill Micro-Dairy is a small-scale diversified farm located north of Boston in the town of Andover, MA.


Goat's Milk

Now in our 7th year, we are Massachusetts licensed producers of raw goat's milk. Our does are hand-milked twice a day and enjoy organic pasture grasses when weather permits. We sell great-tasting nutritious goat's milk by the gallon and half-gallon.

Chickens for Eggs

We are local producers of certified organic eggs from both chickens and ducks. Our eggs are from our heritage breed Dominique chickens, Rhode Island Red/White Rock Cross hens and our Runner ducks. All are free-ranging enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, grass, woody areas, bugs and whatever natural 'goodie' they find.

Chickens for Meat

We will grow and raise chickens and have them processed for you in our meat chicken CSA. We enjoy growing Cornish Cross birds with organic grains, and  free-ranging, living the life of real chickens.

Organic Vegetables

We host a 20 week summer/fall CSA and sell our produce to local restaurants as well. We are certified organic through Baystate Organic Certifiers.

Kids Week on the Farm

We host a 5-day, morning hands-on agriculture education program for children ages 4-17 the week after the school year ends. Contact for this year's schedule.