The Herb Hill Farm

A diversified family farm located in Pepperell, MA — about 43 miles northwest of Boston.


To help ensure our vision of "healthy land, healthy people and healthy communities", The Herb Hill farm uses regenerative agriculture practices in our dairy, poultry and crop enterprises. We take an Holistic Management approach to managing our farm.

Regenerative agriculture with Holistic Management practices describe farming and grazing methods that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil biological life, including organic matter,  and restoring soil with biodiversity resulting in both carbon sequestration and improved waterways.

These practices increase the health of our soil providing high quality organic vegetables. Organic practices increase our yields and produce more nutritious, organic food while alleviating weed and pest pressure. In addition, they sustain the health and well-being of the livestock that graze our soils. It is truly a natural regenerative system. Simply put our soils feed the crops we grow, our crops feed us.

"An agriculture focused on regenerative practices is by definition an agriculture focused on improving soil health through increased soil carbon and life in the soil. While industrial agriculture has been mining the soil of minerals, fertility, and life for the last 50+ years, regenerative agriculture is about growing and feeding soil life." -

Goat's Milk

Now in our 10th year, we are Massachusetts licensed producers of raw goat's milk. Our does are hand-milked twice a day and enjoy organic pasture grasses when weather permits. We sell great-tasting nutritious goat's milk by the gallon and half-gallon.

Locally Laid Certified Organic Eggs

We are local producers of certified organic eggs from both chickens and ducks. Our eggs are from our heritage breed Dominique chickens, Rhode Island Red/White Rock Cross hens and our Runner ducks. All are free-ranging enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, grass, woody areas, bugs and whatever natural 'goodie' they find. You can find our eggs served exclusively on the brunch menu at Fuse Bistro in Downtown Lowell every Sunday.

Certified Organic Chickens for Meat

We will grow and raise chickens and have them processed for you in our meat chicken CSA. We enjoy growing Cornish Cross birds with organic grains and fresh green pastures.They live the life of free range chickens and ducks. 

Certified Organic Vegetables

For our community, we host a 20 week CSA. We grow plenty of greens and typical vegetables for you to in enjoy in the growing season. Our pick up locations are both in Andover and at the farm in Pepperell. You will find our produce at Flatbread Restaurant in Bedford and Fuse Bistro in Lowell. We are certified organic through Baystate Organic Certifiers.

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