All events listed below occur at The Herb Hill Farm & Micro-Dairy unless stated otherwise.
16B Brookline St., Pepperell, MA 01463

Keeping Happy Backyard Chickens at The Herb Hill Farm

Saturday, July 13, 1-3:30pm
$50 per person, $80 a couple
Limited to 10 attendees

Whether you have a few chickens now or are looking to raise several this workshop is for you. This session will give you a look at raising backyard chickens for eggs and /or their meat. We’ll use the chickens at the farm for our hands-on learning too.

We will:

  1. Learn about issues raising them on grass or not
  2. Discuss shelters, feeders, feeds, and options for starting your flock and talk about processing options
  3. Offer resources for other poultry-related topics


Goat Keeping, Milking and Management at The Herb Hill Farm

Saturday, July 20. 1-4pm
$100 per person, $80 a couple, Children are free but must remain with an adult.
Limited to 25 attendees

Goats 101 is another name for this workshop. We’ll discuss all things “goat” from breeding to keeping, kidding, feeding, pasturing, sheltering and trimming. We’ll use our farm’s goats for a hands-on milking experience for each attendee and have management discussions about various arrangements. Bring your questions. Wear close-toed shoes not worn to any other farm please.


Goats and Graziers Tour at The Herb Hill Farm

Saturday, July 27, 1-3pm
$25 per person, $40 a couple, Children are free but must remain with an adult.
Limited to 25 attendees

Walk the gardens, learn about regenerative organic farming practices in harmony with nature, the livestock we raise, and the soils we use for grazing and growing healthy organic food, including raw goat’s milk. We’ll tour the farm with some goats in some sections. And we’ll milk goat’s if time permits. Wear close-toed shoes not worn to other farms please.


The Afternoon Milker

Friday, July 19, 4-6pm & Friday August 2nd, 4-6pm
$20 per person

Come and learn about how goats turn grass into milk, as you try your hand at milking a goat or two. Bring 1-2 clean quart jars for your milk, a small cooler, and a favorite cheese recipe to discuss. We’ll share stories of the benefits of drinking raw milk too.


Goat Watching

Free – Donations are gratefully appreciated.

Sit a bit and watch the antics and fun of being a goat in our herd courtyard. Pick your favorite goat and we’ll share her name and her “real “personality with you.


Farmer for a Morning (credited to Jeremiah Farms S.C.)

3-4 hours $40 per person.
Limit of 6 people.
When you sign up, send a message to Lucy at and tell her which mornings work for you.

So you really want to get up with the chickens? This farm chick starts her day at a reasonable hour and invites you to join her in doing the daily farm chores. We’ll milk goats, feed chickens, and perform routine farm and livestock maintenance such as weeding, seeding, planting and harvesting. This is a great way to get a real feel for farm life and get your farm-fit workout in while spending some quality time out in the country. And take home a sample of what's fresh from the vegetables at the farm home with you.


Sound Bath Energy Exchange

Sunday, August 4th, 4-5:30pm
Limited to 25 attendees

Register with Tatiana Tremblay in Venmo @PURRfect Sound Bath