Raw Milk

Our dairy goats enjoy a diet of 100% organic grasses and grains. Additionally, the grain they eat is soy-free.  We milk beautiful Lamancha, Toggenburg, and Nubian does who give us great-tasting and super nutritious goat's milk. We chill it and bottle it for easy pick-up in half or full gallon recyclable bottles. Since we are a micro-dairy we don't stock quantities of milk as larger stores do. We sell by pre-order. Simply call or email ahead with your size and quantity preference - half or full gallon,  and we will have it ready for you when you arrive. We offer a tour of the farm when you come for your milk. Also, you can pick-up milk on a regular basis using our self-serve system we have in place for frequent customers.  We are proud to part of the Northeast Organic Farms Massachusetts Raw Milk Network  and The Campaign for Real Milk of the Weston Price Foundation.

Kid in bucket


Kids and Kids

Kids of all ages enjoy being with our goat kids. We think the relationship is reciprocal. What do you think?

Ady Feeding
Ady and Josh
Mother Julia with newborn